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Whole Team Stand-up

I’ve lost track of what people are saying is best practise for stand-ups nowadays. I know what works for me and the teams I’m working with and one of these things is including your stakeholders/customer.

Don’t just include them but actually have them answer the same questions as the team. My experience has been they find it a little awkward or silly to start off with but there has always been an “aha” moment where either the customer or the team have got some extremely useful information that has been a big benefit or has lead to some really great opportunities. After that there is no turning back.

Is this something specific to Kanban…well heck no. Is this something that can help most teams…absolutely. It adds trust and transparency between the team and the customer. It provides the opportunity for the team to be even more effective. The team can also provide support to the customer that they never even thought of.

Sure this may make the stand-up take a bit longer but the value you gain could well offset this. Also don’t have long retrospectives – adopt a more kaizen approach to improvement which will free up time. Also don’t spend so long or don’t even do estimates – you’ve got more trust and transparency with the customer so your prediction of the future (which invariably won’t pan out) is not longer required.

So rather than seeing the stand-up primarily as a tool for the development team, instead take a systems thinking view and see it as an opportunity for everyone involved in the project.


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